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Instagram Now Has Screenshot Alerts for Stories

Instagram Now Has Screenshot Alerts for Stories

Instagram is now testing screenshot alerts for its popular Stories function. Those who have been selected for the A/B testing will receive a warning that the next time they screenshot a story or have their stories screenshotted will come with an alert. The alert for those participating in the test will come in the form of a new camera shutter logo next to the name of who took a screenshot on the story viewers list.

Instagram has noted that the test will serve as a measure if the feature has a noticeable impact on engagement, with a decision of whether or not they’ll launch the feature widescale following the A/B testing. It is interesting to note that if screenshot alerts for stories is implemented, the popular social media platform will more or less have the same functions of its Snapchat competitor.

Additionally, for those looking to get around the pesky screenshot alerts, turning your phone’s airplane mode on while taking screenshots will not set off Instagram’s latest Story feature.