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Explosive Video: Bianca Jade – “Sleeping Naked/BLight Ballad”

Explosive Video: Bianca Jade – “Sleeping Naked/BLight Ballad”
From Miami, Florida, singer/songwriter Bianca Jade causing uproar with the release of her new single, “Sleeping Naked/Blight Ballad”. Cuban/Jamaican descent, Bianca’s new song and video is an impressive look that exhibits high sex appeal, empowerment, and personal reflection.

Bianca on “Sleeping Naked”:

“The video as a whole was created by almost entirely an all female cast and crew. It’s a very raw video and encourages self love. “Sleeping Naked” is about being comfortable in your own skin and being happy independently. “Blight Ballad” is about confronting your fears and overcoming them. I really wanted to share something beautiful with a powerful message and not overly produced. Too often do we see women portrayed in a “perfect” image that is totally unrealistic. My goal with this video is for my fans, especially my female fans, to feel empowered and encouraged to believe in their dreams and to love themselves flaws and all”.

Watch “Sleeping Naked/BLight Ballad” below.