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Houston Fitness Star George Bamfo Jr Talks Beginning, Ludacris, & How to Get That Summer Body Fast

Houston Fitness Star George Bamfo Jr Talks Beginning, Ludacris, & How to Get That Summer Body Fast
Fitness is some of the most popular content on social media today. Right now, quickly skyrocketing to the forefront of that popularity is Ghana-by-way-of-Houston fitness enthusiast George Bamfo Jr. We at Kaboom! got the opportunity to speak with the new sensation on his early beginnings, celebrity clientel, and what he has in store for the culture in 2018 in this exclusive interview.

How old were you when you got into fitness? How did you get into fitness?

[George Bamfo Jr.] My fitness journey started at 12 years old, I used to do pushups & sit-ups every night before bed. My interest in fitness came naturally through playing sports like basketball, football, and running track in school.

Fitness has become extremely popular over the past decade, what is a big misconception about the culture that you feel a lot of people have?

The biggest misconception about the culture is the fact that people think they can drink a protein shake or take a magic pill to get results. It takes hard work, dedication, and most of all consistency sustained over a long period of time. This includes dedication to a healthy diet.

Have any intentions on competing in competitive fitness tournaments?

Not really, but if a good opportunity presents itself I will consider it.

Give us your educational background involving health and fitness?

Since I played football at the D1 level at the University of Houston, my educational background developed from the mentors and coaches I had in the weight room. All those years we were required to adhere to strict workouts and diet plans have built up my knowledge and experience. Aside from that I am currently studying to become certified personal trainer, which will further qualify me as a health and fitness professional.

Your physique is built on the pride of no supplements. Tell us about it and why you choose to have no supplements needed?

The main thing I want people to understand is the power of the compound effect and consistency. I believe if you stay consistent with your efforts results is inevitable. “Compound Effect”, basically meaning, if you do a little every day and stay consistent. The results may be slow to you but one day you will look up and have accomplished more than you could fathom.

Hanging Dumbbell knee tucks w/(15lb dumbbell ) – (4×25) Hanging Dumbbell side knee tucks – (4×25) #nodaysoff #abs

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In your opinion, has fitness become more of a clickbait and clout catching than being about health and fitness?

Yes, unfortunately that’s what it has become now. I think this is due to certain platforms like YouTube paying based off number of views instead of quality instructive content. I believe if the rules and guidelines required more stringent qualifications it will put more pressure on people to provide more quality content.

Do you prefer gym, street/outdoors, or in-home for daily workouts? Being the gym appears to be more the show and IG posting?

I do prefer a gym personally, but I can get a good workout in street/outdoor or in home. Really doesn’t matter, and sometimes I kind of like the change of scenery.

When did you realize that your physique turned into a successful business venture for yourself? Well first I saw people with less doing it, and then about 3 months into my “No days off” journey and posting content online I received a lot of questions. This showed me there was a demand for it and that I could actually help meet a need.

You incorporate your heritage and pride in your workout regiment, tell us about your background and why it’s important to influence it in your fitness?

I am from Ghana, West Africa, where I grew up for the first 12 years of my life. My country and culture are so engrained in me that I make sure that it’s on display in everything that I do. Also, being from a place like Ghana where there is a lack of opportunity and untapped potential, I want to lead this movement of fitness that I hope will help open doors for my people and the next generation.

Tell us about your new fitness business and what you offer potential clients?

Heuristic Fitness is a brand that focuses aiding others to achieve their fitness goals. We offer various workouts programs, meal plans, and personal training for potential clients.

Everyone wants to get started living healthier and getting into shape; however, which is more difficult: starting to get into shape or staying in shape?

They will both be difficult if you are not disciplined. However, I believe staying in shape is where the difficulty lies, I say this because it’s easier to try something and quit than actually sticking with it all the way through.

Consulted daily with fitness inquiries, what is your most frequently asked question about improvement on any part of the body?

Most frequently asked question is about my diet and how to get great abs. The answer is fairly simple; •Eat Plenty of Protein. Eating enough lean protein promotes fat loss and muscle gain, the two most important elements for developing great abs. •Less Carbs, More Fat. •Get Your Fiber. •Eat More Yogurt. •Don’t Forget to Eat. •Drink More Water. •Cut Down on Liquor.

Invest in yourself. Work hard now. Enjoy later. Workout routine: TRX inverted V – ups 4×10 – 15

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What is some bad advice you hear a lot of fitness enthusiast give to inquiring fitness enthusiast?

Making people believe there is some type of quick fix to getting results. Quick fixes don’t exist, it takes hard work and consistency.

What is the Houston fitness culture like to you?

I think the fitness culture here is great, there are a lot of cross fit gyms, marathons contest, and parks where I constantly see people working out, challenging & encouraging each other to be better. Tell us about a few of your high-profile clients or athletes you’ve educated with better routines and regiments? Ludacris is one high – profile client I had the pleasure of educating on fitness. He had questions about dieting, and core routines. I gave him a few tips and gave him my personal routine of what I do every day and told him to give it a try.

What is your company’s business motto?

Consistency equals progress and Heuristic fitness will help you get there.

You eat whatever you want. How do you keep a physique such as yours?

I do eat whatever I want, however I make healthier choices when it comes to my meals. I also eat a lot of Ghanaian food, which consists of high protein foods, carbs, fiber etc. And most importantly I am consistent with my workouts, which allows me to be able to do that. 18. Is it possible for anyone to eat whatever they want if they maintain a specific fitness routine? Yes, I believe it’s possible, but we all have different body types. So, what might work for one person might not work for another.

Tell us about your consultation procedure?

So, we start with a few important questions such as the below, then design a program the best fits that individual client. Ask about any medical condition they may have. Talk about Health & fitness goals and past workout history. What’s the clients Daily Nutrition is Like? How Much Sleep Do You Get Per Day?

Who do you receive more inquiries from men or women and why?

Mostly Men, I am not sure exactly why. Maybe I haven’t done a good job in incorporating more women in my workout videos, so it seems my workouts is only gear towards men.

What is the best routine to gain a larger chest?

1. Barbell Bench Press 10 sets X 15 reps

2. Incline Dumbbell Press 2 sets of 10-12 reps to failure

3. Flat Dumbbell Fly 2 sets of 10-12 reps to failure

4. Bar Dip 3 sets 10 reps

Cable fly’s Drops sets (145 , 130, 115) – Drop sets are essentially a technique where you perform an exercise and then drop (reduce) the weight and continue for more reps until you reach failure. 3 sets of 10

¬- The exercises themselves may look simple enough, but it’s up to you to dial up the intensity by giving yourself less time for rest. “I personally like to take as little rest as possible,” suggesting that you take 15-20 seconds of rest between your sets.

TIME WAITS FOR NO MEN!! 😤 (👀 Tag a swolemate 💪🏿 ) Bamfo’s AB Sculpting Routine: Seat walks (butt off the ground) – (3×30) Decline sit ups w/(45lb plates)- (3×15) Weighted decline crunches w/(10lbs bar behind the neck)- (3×15) Decline Russian twists w/(25lb plate) – (3×15) Stability ball Reverse press up – (3×15) Hanging windshield wipers – (3×10) Hanging “Wide grip” knee raise – (3×20) • • *Slow tempo & make 100% sure to keep the core tight* – This is a “major key!!!!!

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What is the easiest routine to gain a larger chest?

I don’t have any easy routines! We have simple routines but nothing easy, hard work only.

What is a part of the body you had the most difficult with to get into peak shape?

Everybody is different but calves are the hardest part of the body to build in my opinion.

The most difficult part of the body to get into shape is?

Calves & Core in my opinion.

Are there any apps or organizers you use to keep track of your fitness routines?

No apps, I just have my programs listed in an excel spreadsheet.

Is it harder to lose weight or gain weight through fitness?

Personally, I’ve always found it a bit harder to put on good weight. Physically, building muscle is way harder. It hurts, it burns, and you’re sore all the time. It’s a pretty uncomfortable physical thing. You can’t just go to the gym and throw weights around and come out with muscles, you must really shock your muscles into growth and that means destroying them.

Was your family big on fitness and health during your upbringing?

No not at all! I am the only person in my immediate family that is heavy into fitness.

Tell us some of your guilty pleasure that you indulge during your cheat days?

Ice cream, cookies, cakes, pies. Etc. lol

Why should a potential client enlist in your services than other brands or supplement enhancers?

There’s going to be no more disappointment for you, if you follow my program step by step. By the end of my program you will have more ripped abs, Increased muscle definition, and the ultimate beach body. And we do this without any supplement. Just hard work and dedication.

Give us your thoughts on supplement enhancers and protein products? Not a fan! I see so many influencers endorsing supplements that don’t work just to make money and I don’t agree with that. I believe in doing It the natural way with hard work, dedication and consistency.

What are some natural protein and enhancers you would recommend for those in the process of body transformations?

A bar or shake might seem like an easy way to get the recommended amount of protein, but you’re better off getting the nutrient from real food. High-protein bars and shakes are often high in calories (and sugar), too, and don’t leave people feeling full in the same way that a well-rounded meal, with a variety of flavors and nutrients, does. Good sources of protein include meat, poultry, fish, legumes (such as dry beans and peas), eggs, milk and tofu.

Explain the importance of developing your body naturally?

Well I will start by saying, you only get one body in this life, so you need to look after it.

In my opinion that natural way of developing your body is the best way. While some supplements may speed up the muscle building process and it’s not necessary. Muscle would still be built if a protein rich diet is taken along with regular workouts.

– It’s important to develop it naturally because then your body would not be dependent on supplements to grow.

Tell us about your ideal goals for your company in 2018? – To have an established & a well-known brand. – Grow my social media following to around 20k – Service over 100 clients worldwide via in person training or online. – Have the #1 fitness apparel line with 100k in profits. – And Ultimately aid my clients reach their fitness goals

Your most requested routine on social media? Abs routines.

The best spots in Houston for workouts? 24-hour fitness, LA fitness, Herman park just to name a few.

Your routines, don’t involve much heavy lifting, is that preferred or the bulky look just isn’t your thing? Actually, I do a lot of heavy lifting. Those are usually displayed in my stories on Instagram.

Tell us a few unique routines that help with fast weight loss? Cardio & Dieting are vital when it comes to weight loss.

For beginners: • 7 minutes fast walk • 7 minutes of easy lunges and easy push ups • 7 minutes fast walk • key points to fast weight lost Exercise every day. – When you work out daily (instead of 2-3 days per week) you may be able to burn more calories from exercise. One of the reasons why we preach #nodaysoff movement. Keep hunger levels steady. Hard workouts often increase hunger levels. And sometimes they even increase your sense of entitlement to food. For example, you might feel that you deserve a high-calorie meal or treat after hard exercise because you earned it with your effort.

But you can lose weight faster by adding these challenges: – Skip dessert for a week. Grab a small serving of berries instead – Skip the drinks that cause weight gain and drink water instead. Not a fan of water? Learn to make flavored water to curb your cravings. – Dump starch. Instead of eating empty calorie white foods like bread, white rice or pasta, fill up on a variety of lean protein and good carbs.

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