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Nice Whips: Schuppan 962CR

Nice Whips: Schuppan 962CR

Australian race car hero Vern Schuppan constructed the Schuppan 962CR as an ode to his 1983 Le Mans 24 hour win, creating a car using the 962 racer as the blueprint. Even though his company went into bankruptcy less than year after its creation, the 962CR has become a sought-after item among diehard collectors, with only six units put into production and a starting price of $1.9 million USD. The car features a Porsche-designed five-speed manual transmission and Advanced Composite Technology’s bespoke carbon fiber monocoque; it can also produce 600 horsepower. Now, as Carscoops reports, the vehicle has ended up on the auction block.

You can take a look at the yellow, for-sale Schuppan 962CR — which is one of three models currently located in Japan and carries only around 30,000 miles of use.

schuppan-962cr-bingo-sports-auction-1 schuppan-962cr-bingo-sports-auction-3 schuppan-962cr-bingo-sports-auction-4