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Beyoncé Now Owns Her Own Church in New Orleans

Beyoncé Now Owns Her Own Church in New Orleans

Beyoncé has made some pretty hefty purchases for herself and her friends and family in the past. None are, however, quite as notable as her latest acquisition – the singer-songwriter is now an owner of her own church.

It’s reported that Bey has purchased a 7,500 square foot, 100-plus year old stone church in New Orleans. While the church was listed at $850,000, it is not known if that is how much Beyoncé paid for it. The church, which is located close to her where younger sister Solange lives, has apparently been vacant for some time a majority of its members have passed away. The property, located on Camp Street, was purchased by the Noble Jones Trust. Paperwork was signed by one of its trustees, Vernell Jackson Keys, who is a close friend of the Knowles family.

Not too long ago, a different church located in San Francisco held a Beyoncé-themed worship service. Titled “Beyoncé Mass,” the service is part of series aimed at young female churchgoers. The message featured readings from black female activists including civil rights leader Ella Baker. Songs that were played include Beyoncé’s “Listen,” “Freedom,” “Flaws and All,” “I Was Here,” “Survivor” and more.

At this moment, it’s unclear what Beyoncé will use her newly-acquired church for.