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Nice Whips: 1974 Ferrari Dino

Nice Whips: 1974 Ferrari Dino

A 1974 Ferrari Dino — named after Dino, son of founder Enzo Ferrari — is set to go up for auction at Sotheby’s. The model not always been treated as a classic, with the Dino originally not featuring Ferrari’s iconic badge. Over time, however, the Dino has won over fans of the Italian car manufacturer and come to be seen as an important car in Ferrari’s history.

The Dino 246 GTS was the first vehicle made at the Maranello factory to enter production with a mid-engine and rear-drive design. It was initially conceived as a more affordable alternative to other Ferrari models. In the 44 years since this model was produced, it has only had two owners meaning it is in pristine condition. Head over to the Sotheby’s site for your chance to bid on the car.