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Kaboom! Bombshell of the Day! (6/6/18): Model Ashley Kurr

Kaboom! Bombshell of the Day! (6/6/18): Model Ashley Kurr

Ashley Kurr Info:

Age: 18

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Ethnicity: Korean

Occupation: Student/Model (I will be at Spocom Anaheim Saturday July 14th at Anaheim Convention Center)

Measurements: 34-29-40

Height: 5’3″

Weight: 165

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Instagram: @ashleykurr

Twitter: @ashleykurr

Snapchat: @ashleykurr

Personal Website: Coming soon…with merch! 😉

Dream Car: BMW i8

Best Advice You’ve Ever Received: “If somebody says ‘no’, you’re asking the wrong person”

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Favorite Meal: A large bowl of authentic, Vietnamese pho

Favorite Drink: Earl Grey Milk Tea Boba

Favorite Bar/Nightclub: I’m underage!

Favorite Sports Team(s): Minnesota Timberwolves, only because I’m a fan of Jimmy Butler

Favorite Album: Twenty88

Favorite Movie: The Great Gatsby and La La Land

Favorite Quote: “Better sexy and racy, than sexist and racist.”

Favorite Website: YouTube of course!

Favorite Animal: Tiger

Favorite Photographer: Kevin Ha! He’s such a sweetheart and a hard worker. Check out his Instagram @k.ha_pix!

Favorite Brand of Clothing: Sorella Boutique

Favorite Part of A Man’s Body: HANDS.

Turn-Ons: I love a guy who is creative and ambitious! I also like it when he can call the shots and when his actions match his words.

Turn-Offs: I can’t stand cockiness and men who are addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Celebrity Crush: Jimmy Butler

Craziest Place You’ve Ever Made “Whoopie”: That’s just for me to know. 🙂


A Personal Fun Fact: I attended an arts high school for theatre! Acting and being dramatic has been a hobby of mine.

Craziest thing a guy has ever done to get your attention: Paypal me money to reply to their DM…LOL

How do you let someone know you’re interested in them: I just let them know straight up with a, “Hey, you’re handsome!”

How would you change the world in 2018: I would want to spread women empowerment and confidence! It’s time for us women to be unapologetically ourselves and live our best lives!

How do you know when you’re in love: To put it simply, you just know and it is completely ethereal when you do.

Describe the “Perfect Date”: Spending the whole day discovering a new city and trying new things! I’d love to eat, talk, take pictures, and create memories!

I feel sexiest when……: My face is beat, but I’m in sweats and a t-shirt. I’m cute, but I’m also cozyyy.

If you could give men one piece of advice it would be….: Educate yourself on consent! It’s something that isn’t taken seriously yet it ruins lives. Respect women.

What makes you a “Bombshell”: I’m a body positive chick who’s unapologetically herself and has more to offer than superficial qualities!

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