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PS5 Reported To Be A 2020 Release

PS5 Reported To Be A 2020 Release

We thought we’d have had all the leaks by now, with the E3 conferences already taken place, but it seems that Sony want the limelight back once again.

This news comes after Microsoft released an announcement that the next Xbox console would come in 2020, which came after a predicted PlayStation 5 release date of 2021. Make up your damn minds

t’s all a big game of cat and mouse at the minute and there’s no telling who will actually go ahead with their next gen console first, but it’s safe to say that both companies will try to push the boundaries of what they can achieve.

However, they also suggest that a 2018 release shouldn’t be classed as impossible, which makes us think all this information might not be so accurate, like their name suggests. NDTV did back up these claims in their own way, though, by reporting that the 2020 release is more than likely to be happening.

It might not even be called the PS5 for all we know, as this is still just a suggestion at the minute, too. None of this might turn out to be true, but it would fit the usual Sony release cycle of a new console, so there could be something it.According to website SemiAccurate, which requires a $1000 subscription fee to join, a number of devkits have been sent for testing. If it’s true, then the PS5 release could be a lot sooner than anticipated. They also reported that the PS5 will use AMD’s Navi as a base architecture, with a CPU that’s custom Zen. Apparently, “sources intimately familiar with the entire situation,” have stated this is what’s going down over at Sony.