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Nike Fans Scammed by Fake Influencer Recruitment Campaign

Nike Fans Scammed by Fake Influencer Recruitment Campaign

A new social media scam has emerged, attempting to trick users with the promise of an influencer role at Nike and free sneakers. The fake flyer explains that it is “recruiting any ambassadors for our upcoming new brand” before asking users with more than 250 followers to repost this to their Instagram story, follow @nike_recruitss and mention the page in its post. As well as @nike_recruitss, other similarly-fake pages have also emerged with an almost-identical scam over the past 24 hours.

Despite the less-than-convincing Instagram page, a number of people have already fallen for the scam. This has led to Nike calling-out the scam on Twitter, explaining that the page is “not an authorized Nike account.” It isn’t exactly clear what the scam is aiming to achieve, although many believe that it is a quick way to grow an Instagram following quickly. Once the page has a large number of followers, it will be able to rebrand. As it stands, @nike_recruitss has gained just over 1,300 followers in its first day while another similar page – @nikerecuits – has managed to reach almost 85,000 followers.