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“Pokémon GO” Made Nearly $2 Billion in Just Two Years

“Pokémon GO” Made Nearly $2 Billion in Just Two Years

Since its all-consuming launch in 2016, hype over Pokémon GO may have cooled, but the game still enjoys a vibrant global community. Estimates place the game’s current revenue at about $1.8 billion, meaning that it raked in nearly a billion dollars a year since launch. Furthermore, the US and Japan alone contributed about $1.1 billion of that figure, with roughly $2 million in revenue still generated daily. The upcoming Nintendo Switch Pokémon games will likely develop upon mechanics originated by GO, and cross-platform communication is expected.

With a Chinese launch expected to roll out soon, along with a forthcoming Pokémon GO Fest planned for this summer, the game is showing no signs of slowing down.