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Explosive Trailer: Orange Is The New Black (Season 6)

Explosive Trailer: Orange Is The New Black (Season 6)

At the end of season five, Orange Is The New Black hit a bit of a reset button. After the negotiations to end the prison riot broke down, 10 of the main characters were left with uncertain fates when they were surrounded by the correctional emergency response team. Fans were left wondering where season six would go from here, and from the looks of the first trailer, we’re all going to maximum security. A summer vacation this is not.

It’s jarring to see these women that we’ve followed for so many seasons in a new prison, immediately evoking a feeling of dread. Season five was easily the show’s darkest season yet, and it looks like the new season may continue that trend. As the ten work to protect each other and those who were involved with the riot, it seems that the people conducting the investigation are going to work hard to break down those bonds in any way that they can.

From the looks of this trailer, Orange Is The New Black will continue in its dedication to providing compelling storylines for its characters, so get ready for an emotional rollercoaster. Danielle Brooks’ Taystee was easily the standout of last season and looks like she’ll be getting another meaty character arc as she deals with the fallout of failed negotiations. Despite the show’s more serious edge, the trailer proves that it’s lost none of its sense of humor, showing that Suzanne continues to be one of the best and most innocently warped characters on television.

The new season drops on Friday, July 27th.