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Explosive Trailer: Extinction (Starring Michael Pena)

Explosive Trailer: Extinction (Starring Michael Pena)

Netflix has dropped the trailer for its upcoming sci-fi thriller Extinction, which was originally slated to release in January before Universal Pictures yanked it off the schedule. The film features Ant-Man and The Wasp‘s Michael Peña and Luke Cage‘s Mike Colter, and it has nothing to do with Marvel.

The story follows a father’s recurring nightmares of him losing his family and those dreams morphing into a reality when the planet is invaded by aliens hellbent on ending humanity. During the crisis, he begins to realize an unknown strength he possesses that will keep him and his loved ones safe. This is the latest sci-fi flick bought from a studio meant to arrive in theaters since The Cloverfield Paradox.

Check the trailer, and catch Extinction when it hits Netflix July 27.