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Boaz Bagbag: Manhattan’s Hope

Boaz Bagbag: Manhattan’s Hope
It’s simple, it is every foreigner’s idea of success to come to the “Land of Opportunity” to live “The American Dream”. Proud Israeli American Boaz Bagbag employs fellow U.S. immigrants with the opportunity to live the dream and be their own boss.

A modern-day renaissance man, the Manhattan, New York Israeli relocated to the U.S. 25 years ago (1993) in pursuit of opportunity and better living like many continuously do with the same intentions. Like most immigrants, Bagbag planted himself in the U.S., ready to grow through hard work and dedication. Humble beginnings, Boaz found his way into the tech industry and created a profitable safety automobile technology, securing employment and stable means of living is even more difficult than ever for a U.S. immigrant.

Well, if you are like tech CEO, your dream provides others an enriched equal opportunity. Providing thousands of U.S. immigrants with jobs. Bagbag has an estimated net worth of $50 million dollars. The 54-year-old Israel Millionaire is CEO of award-winning consumer transportation company.

Through success, Boaz Bagbag has taken the opportunity to help other immigrants like him with the opportunity of employment upon arriving in the States. Boaz Bagbag is offering immigrants zero down on a vehicle and providing Israelis with employment through to his black car taxi service. To date, Boaz Bagbag has assisted over 4,000 U.S. immigrants with a vehicle of their own and immediate employment at zero down.

Finding a home in New York City, Bagbag began building his empire on the foundation of his early success as a auto salesman. With business partner Tomer Zur, the two launched Luxury One Corp in 2014. Tomer business smarts and Boaz’s tech, the two have quickly became the country’s largest taxi leasing provider. Luxury One also provides technology services to transportation businesses including mobile app development. Boaz Bagbag and Israeli Tech company Mobileye developed a vision-based advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) to deliver warnings for collision prevention and mitigation.

Driver behavior by mayor de blasio program. The first in New York City to develop auto mess car driver less cars leader in Collision Avoidance Systems, advancing driver safety through collision prevention and mitigation. Popular installation within majority of transportation service vehicles.

“The driver behavior technology brings a greater focus on safety for our customers,” Bagbag told Talkline.

Ride sharing business is at an all-time high. Since the Ride-Sharing Boom, the automotive business has seen a large decrease in annual purchasing while more and more consumers substitute to the convenient, reliable, and affordable means of transportation. With the boom, comes the huge order of employment opportunities for interested drivers.

“I personally believe that the transportation business in New York City is very competitive; however, I am confidant that we are the most affordable solution for any driver looking for an opportunity to make a living,” says Bagbag about the current automotive climate.

“I provide them cars and help them making a decent living with no boss. They’re getting a car that’s good to work in any of app in NYC they don’t need to worry about insurance or repair just go and make money for their family.”

Believing in Boaz and Luxury One early on, new car service giants Uber and Lyft aligned with Bagbag as a notable client back in 2015. Helping triple growth annually to-date.

“We assure them that we are there for each and every customer on an individual basis to ensure their success. We are here for them every step of the way.”

Bagbag offers further incentive with zero money down for inquiring drivers

He specifies, “I don’t take from any drivers down payment or any money when they sign in. My place known as a place that you can walk out with a car without having to put down payment.”

He continues to inspire his countrymen with the following statement, “To humbly answer this question the truth is my generosity and helpfulness is all due to the fact that I personally went thru the struggle when coming to this country. I recognize that the struggle is real, difficult and challenging and if I have the opportunity to help someone I’m delighted to do so.”

Several financial reports predict that Boaz Bagabg continues at it’s successful pace by 2020, the company could have over 10,000 taxis and annual sales of approximately $300 million only in NYC area alone. Recently Bagbag got heavily involved to save Taxi medalions after 5 owners killed themselves by suicide, dropping the company’s value from 1.2 mil to 1750000$ last auction.

Through success and opportunity, Bagbag has risen to one of the most well-connected Israeli American officials among the Israeli government.

Due to the North American success of , Boaz Bagbag built an multi-million dollar enterprise that has supported various social interests for the New York/Tri-State area including mental health issues and economic growth. Leading by example, the tech entrepreneur extended his business is infused into New York’s largest transportation service by supplying immigrants and refugees with the same opportunity as himself when he came to the U.S. with their own independent business as a service driver.

Boaz is currently accepting new self-contractors at their Tri-State location.

“We all at Boaz Bagbag look to strive and grow along with our customers,” Boaz proudly says on his company’s future. “We are looking to constantly expand our fleet. We look to constantly improve our fantastic costumer relationship and service which is everything in this business.”