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Chuuch House Clothing

Chuuch House Clothing

Finally, a fashion trend that’s guaranteed to leave you in amazement. Recently Kaboom! Magazine.com sat down with Chuuch House Clothing CEO Jordon Campbell as he tell us everything from design ideas to why you want to get your hands on Chuuch House. in 2018.

The Beginning?
I started Chuuch House so me and my homies could have the t-shirts we like. We were a little too old for the new fitting wave but still young enough to wear dope t-shirts to match out fitted hats and sneakers.

Define Your Brand?
It’s like we bridging the gap between the 90s and the late 2000’s. Chuuch House is the line that appeals to The Migos crowd and the Wu-Tang crowd at the same time. #Chuuch


Which fashion icons would you consider to be your brand’s material?
Karl Kani and Nicky Diamonds (Diamond Supply Co) are the two fashion Icons that I model my brand after. It’s like mixing the early 90s hip hop crowd to the new younger rock star crowd.

Why would people want to wear your brand?
People should want to wear Chuuch House because I feel our brand is the new wave of bringing the old and new school together. We don’t just cater to one age group.

How do you come up with ideas or designs for your current collection?
All my ideas for any collection comes from music and sports honestly. I might be listening to Hov and he will have a line that will make me think of a design for a shirt.


Ultimate Goals for the Brand?
My ultimate goal for Chuuch House is just to me a household name. I want to be in stores beside the brands that motivated me to get started.

The Company Motto?
Chuuch House “The Standard of Dopeness”!


What events do you have coming up in the next couple of months that you would like to promote?
I’m always vending at different sneaker events like Sneaker Con, Sneaker Summit, Sneaker Exit and the Carolina flavor. Which is a hometown event in Columbia, South Carolina. It feels good to go back home and be able to show my brand.

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