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​PS4’s Spider-Man Becomes Fastest Selling Game Of Year

​PS4’s Spider-Man Becomes Fastest Selling Game Of Year

Spider-Man has endured a pretty successful opening weekend. So successful in fact that the PlayStation 4 exclusive has become the fast selling title of 2018. As Games Industry reported, GFK revealed the UK’s top ten chart for this week, where Spider-Man managed to swing its way to the top.Topping this week’s charts was impressive, but that’s not all. The Insomniac Games release has also become the fastest selling game of the year, not too shabby for an exclusive title.

The previous title holder, Far Cry 5, was released back in March. However, Ubisoft’s FPS was available for more platforms, which helped it sway off competition from other exclusives like God of War – but this was obviously no challenge for the friendly neighbour hood Spider-Man.

And seeing as Peter Parker and co managed sell more copies than any other game in 2018, it means the ‘fastest selling exclusive title’ has been taken away from Kratos and Sony’s Santa Monica Studios – I don’t think the God of War will be too happy about this news.

To blow the red and blue trumpet even more, Spider-Man is the fastest selling Marvel game of all time, massively outweighing the previous champion, Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

2015’s Batman: Arkham Knight remains the UK’s fastest selling superhero game of this generation, but would this be the case if Spidey and the Caped Crusader released on the same number of platforms?

Also, digital sales weren’t as popular back then. Of course, they are nowadays, but the UK chart only considers physical box sales – so this means Spider-Man is doing a whole lot better than it seems.