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The Hundreds x Looney Tunes Military Capsule

The Hundreds x Looney Tunes Military Capsule

2017 saw the Californian brand partnering with iconic cartoon properties like Animaniacs and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, now The Hundreds debuts a collaborative collection in partnership with Looney Tunes. In contrast to the brand’s a mature Fall 2018 range, this drop is all about playful ACME graphics and military influence.

A series of earth-toned garments fulfill the military influence, with beige T-shirts, brown cargo pants and camouflage hoodies showcasing patches and embroidery of Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, sourced from authentic ’70s artwork. Hits of orange and yellow aid in livening up the intentionally-understated range. Along with plenty of ACME logos, anvils, dynamite and satirical military care tags, the imagery range from Wile E. Coyote riding a rocket to a Coyote-shaped hole in the ground. A reversible bomber boasts “yikes” prints as a nod to Wile E.’s signposts, while stenciled ACME logos offer military badge-like embroidery beneath.

The new collection is live via The Hundred’s web store and Los Angeles flagship.

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