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Explosive Trailer: Resident Evil 2

Explosive Trailer: Resident Evil 2

Capcom has released a new trailer for its upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake at Tokyo Game Show, revealing the new look of fan-favorite femme fatale Ada Wong. Originally sporting a red dress, the developers have decided to give the spy a wardrobe more suitable for her profession, all in the game’s steady attempt to make things more realistic than the original.

The game director Kazunori Kadoi has stated: “It goes back to the same thing of, what would look natural to be wandering around in a photo-realistic environment in [sic]?” I think wandering around in that dress just getting on with your job as a spy probably doesn’t look as realistic and believable as we want in this new game.”

It also shows the game’s other playable character, Claire, as it’s been announced both her and Leon will have their own separate campaign playthrough with their own experiences as opposed to two different scenarios like the original to tell a more cohesive story.