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Listen Up: Profhit – “Ball Owt”

Listen Up: Profhit – “Ball Owt”
San Francisco native, Profhit, also known as JaColbrian, is a business man who rocks many different hats. Not only is he the CEO of his own company, he is also a producer, songwriter, and composer, that aims to forge a bridge between the origins of hip-hop, and the ever evolving style of rap.

After many unsuccessful years in the music industry as a young independent artist seeing and falling victim to the unscrupulous acts taken by professionals to drain artist; JaColbrian decided to learn the business side of the music industry and start his own record label; Music N’ ME Records INC.

The label has become his legacy and most prized creation. Supporting and working with independent artist and musicians and focusing on the instrumental form of music production and recording. While providing financial, business and informational resources to talented artist building a record company that he hopes one day to be spoken of like Motown, Black Swan, No Limit and many other Black owned Record companies.

Today, he delivers his most recent single, titled “Ball Owt” which definitely offers the familiar, and current sound of today’s hip-hop culture. The single is now available on your favorite digital streaming platforms.

Play “Ball Owt” below, courtesy of Spotify.