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Listen Up: D Phantomb — “Someday We’ll Pay” EP

Listen Up: D Phantomb — “Someday We’ll Pay” EP
With the rapid expansion of Rap & Trap Music genres over the last five years, several sub-genres have emerged and begun the process of merging traditionally opposite sound profiles, like Rock, Metal Core and Punk with Rap & Trap music in a way that is forging a new wave of music and artists. Rising Los Angeles based artist D Phantomb seeks to push that ever-extending void forward with his new experimental Someday We’ll Pay EP.
Laced with four tracks, Someday We’ll Pay is a Metalcore derivative project that infuses Rap & Trap influences in an aggressive and lucid manner. With Punk leaning bangers like “Shut Up” juxtaposed among tracks like “Cake Now” Someday We’ll Pay covers a diverse array of sounds in a very small venue.
Stream the EP  below and be sure to be on the lookout for more new music from D Phantomb soon.