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Crooks and Castles Reveals Plans for Comeback

Crooks and Castles Reveals Plans for Comeback

California streetwear label Crooks and Castles is planning a major comeback. As WWD reports, founder Dennis Calvero nows feels like it’s the perfect time for his brand to reenter the scene.

Dennis Calvero believes Crooks and Castles were one of the “originators” of the contemporary “luxe street image,” and has worked alongside co-founder Robert Panlilio and an additional “financial partner” to buy the company back. Currently, Crooks and Castles is looking to work on smaller-scale distribution in the North American market, and attempting to figure out what sells best, what the modern consumer wants and where “growth” can be expected.

Presently, Calvero is seeking out well-known individuals, like “celebrities” and today’s “influencers,” who might be interested in working with his brand. He’s also working on a collaboration with the popular Starz series Power, and is considering the possibility of a new Crooks and Castles store in downtown Los Angeles.

“I think fashion has its cycles and these cycles are created to wash out what isn’t meant to be around any longer,” Calvero previously told The 5th Element. “For a 16 year old brand to have gone through a couple cycles I believe it’s proven that we aren’t going anywhere and that our brand still hold relevance. We helped create this Streetwear niche in fashion, we are part of the reason their even is a category. We have some things up our sleeves but not ready to reveal the prestige.”