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Nice Whips: Ken Block 914hp 1977 Ford F-150 Hoonitruck

Nice Whips: Ken Block 914hp 1977 Ford F-150 Hoonitruck

Hoonigan founders Ken Block and Brian Scotto give us a tour of their latest project car that’s to be featured in the upcoming Gymkhana 10 video. Looking to create something even more crazier than the previous Hoonicorn Mustang Gymkhana car, the Hoonitruck is built around a classic 1977 Ford F-150; the same vehicle that Ken learned to drive in as a teen.

The Hoonitruck is powered by a twin-turbo, 3.5-liter V6 that boasts 914 horses. This engine by Ford is the same engine that can be found in the Ford GT race cars, and is set up for all-wheel-drive. As one of the biggest vehicles Ken Block has raced, the Hoonitruck’s appearance resembles that of a toy, but in fact is extremely large in dimension — the tires alone are 315mm in width. Fans of the Hoonigan Gymkhana series can look for Gymkhana TEN to launch as an 8-part series on Amazon on November 16th, and then as a full release on YouTube on December 10.