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Michael Jordan Invest into eSports

Michael Jordan Invest into eSports

Michael Jordan has just joined a group of investors in contributing $26 million into AXiomatic Gaming. Just days after Drake and Scooter Braun announced the co-ownership of Esports company 100 Thieves, Jordan joins the likes of Peter Guber, part-owner of the LA Dodgers and Golden State Warriors; Jeff Vinik, owner of the Tampa Bay Lightning; and even fellow NBA hall of famer Magic Johnson, for a stake in the world of Esports.

Although AXiomatic Gaming is relatively new, being formed in 2015, they are owners of the more seasoned professional-gaming franchise, Team Liquid — a name that is most known in the world of competitive Star Craft, and is valued at $200 million. This is most likely just the beginning for high-profile investors diversifying in Esports, as the industry is forecasted to generate close to a billion dollars this year alone.