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Couples Will Soon Be Able To Get Married In McDonald’s

Couples Will Soon Be Able To Get Married In McDonald’s

No, McDonald’s are not about to launch their very own wedding service (although if they were, just think of the buffet opportunities).

The truth of it is, under new Budget plans, couples across the country will be granted permission to get married in just about any establishment they like, whether that be at the pub, in their favourite restaurant or by the ketchup machines at a nearby McDonald’s. Because nothing spells romance like a greasy burger joint.

The Sun reports that Chancellor Philip Hammond will announce a review of ‘outdated’ marriage ceremony laws that require venues to abide by strict and costly rules to host weddings.

The intention is designed to cut the price of weddings, and while you might argue the country has far bigger fish to fry than the act of getting hitched, this’ll certainly transform what the traditional wedding looks like.

Apparently the ruling would mean couples would be able to get married in open-air venues too. So any music lovers out there could essentially merge their wedding with a festival and turn their special day into a three-day mash-up.

As it stands, in order to be an official wedding venue, the building needs to dedicate a specific room for where the ceremony takes place. The owners must also hold a wedding licence and ensure that no food or boozy drinks are consumed an hour before and during the event.

And with the average cost of venue hire currently sitting at around £4,500, you can understand why some people want to see the tape loosened a little.

Once that happens, smaller business owners and chains can afford to get their own wedding license and the lower prices might just encourage more people to say their vows.

As for the McDonald’s idea, is there anything else in this world that says ‘I love you’ quite like feeding your other half a fistful of McChicken Nuggets and ketchup?