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“DOOM” Celebrates 25 Years with 18 New Levels

“DOOM” Celebrates 25 Years with 18 New Levels

In celebration of 25 years since the release of the original DOOM game, co-creator John Romero has announced a special release of 18 new levels of the classic title from 1993. Named SIGIL, the story will pick up just after the 4th episode of DOOM I and just before DOOM II — acting as the “spiritual successor” to the fourth episode.

Set for a mid-February 2019 release, SIGIL will be available in two options. The standard edition boxset sees artwork by Christopher Lovell, a 16GB 1/2-inch floppy disk-themed USB drive, a 2-disc case with the game and soundtrack by Buckethead, and two stickers. The more expensive “BEAST BOX” contains all that was mentioned above plus an additional signed-and-numbered box by John Romero, an art print signed and illustrated by Christopher Lovell, a pewter statue of John Romero’s head on a spike, a commemorative T-shirt, and a SIGIL-themed coin.

The regular boxset is priced at $39 while the “Beast Box” comes in at four times the piece at $166 — for the true die-hard DOOM fans.

Those interested can pre-order the game now over at Limited Run Games.