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Metal Gear Solid Is Becoming A Board Game In 2019

Metal Gear Solid Is Becoming A Board Game In 2019

The Metal Gear Solid series is making the leap from console screens to tabletops in 2019, courtesy of a team-up between publishers Konami and board game company IDW Games.

You may also be familiar with IDW through its massive comics division – but the company has been producing board games since 2014. Its titles to date include the English-language version of popular Japanese city-builder Machi Koro, and cardboard tie-ins with franchises including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Back to the Future.

The appropriately titled Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game – set to be released on an unspecified 2019 date – is to follow the storyline of 1998’s classic PlayStation title, Metal Gear Solid. The characters Solid Snake, Gray Fox, Meryl Silverburgh and Hal Emmerich, aka Otacon, will be playable.

Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game (mocked-up box art, above) is being designed by Emerson Matsuuchi, whose Specter Ops is something of a modern cult classic amongst board game followers. Of the Metal Gear project, Matsuuchi said, via the IDW website:

“I’m probably the biggest fan of Metal Gear Solid. Ever since playing the first [game], it has forever altered the way I view games. The story it told was so memorable, and the gameplay experience so rich, that it has shaped my expectation of games both as a designer and a gamer.

“The opportunity to bring this masterpiece to the table has been an honour, and a dream come true. I’m excited to be able to capture the tactical stealth action that is the hallmark of the franchise, as well as create a new experience and story for the Snake fans. Age hasn’t slowed him down one bit.”

Which all sounds rather terrific, frankly. Video games have received some excellent board game, um, ‘ports’, I guess… kinda… in the recent past. DOOMBloodbornePortalGears of War and XCOM have all made the leap to great acclaim. No reason to believe that Metal Gear Solid – with art from Kenneth Loh and miniature sculpts by Francesco Orru (those are both Good Things, I am reliably told) – won’t follow suit.

The board game’s public debut is set to come at E3 2019. Yep, it’s not just video games out there in LA, you know. There’s also board games, truly stinking toilets, and the distinct possibility of sunstroke.