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JUUL Lands $12.8 Billion Investment from Altria

JUUL Lands $12.8 Billion Investment from Altria

While it seemed liked the end for JUUL, just weeks ago, the popular e-cigarette company has just announced quite the opposite. Altria has just taken a $12.8 billion stake in the company, amounting to a 35% ownership.

As part of the deal, Altria will no longer be able to work with any other vape cigarette brand as long as the partnership is intact, they will also not able sell or transfer shares up to six years, and cannot increase their ownership share of JUUL. While there have been mixed feelings from JUUL employees about joining one of the world’s largest producers of tobacco, Altria and JUUL are reportedly set to remedy this by offering a $2 billion special dividend to its 1,500 workers — meaning an average compensation of $1.3 million… not too bad a deal at all.