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Motorola Is Going To Release An Updated Version Of The Razr

Motorola Is Going To Release An Updated Version Of The Razr

Motorola has announced that it’s going to bring back the iconic Razr phone, updated for 2019.

Cast your mind back to 2005, if you can. Facebook had only just started up, no one had even heard of Brexit, and mobile phones were not the pocket computers that they are today.

However, one mobile phone stood alone, desired above all others on the playground at the time, the Motorola Razr. It was sleek, it looked futuristic, and it was tiny.

As an aside, remember when it was cooler to have a smaller phone? How the times change.

Anyway, the Razr is being brought into the modern era as part of a collaboration between Lenovo – which owns Motorola – and Verizon. It’s going to be made out of futuristic foldable screen technology, if reports are to be believed.

Whilst the original Razr sold more than 50m handsets following the initial release, only 200,000 of these updated versions are to be manufactured. You’ll only be able to get hold of them if you really, really want one.

Oh, and you’ll need a spare $1,500 (£1,167) if you’re to get hold of this particular flight of nostalgic fancy. That’s pretty steep.

Even the originals were thought to be pretty expensive at $600 (£466) when they came out.