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Woman Realises She Had “Best Sex Ever” With Husband’s Twin

Woman Realises She Had “Best Sex Ever” With Husband’s Twin

A woman has opened up about the ‘best sex’ of her life, which, on the face of it isn’t that shocking. Not everyone would shout about it on the internet but good for her, I guess.

Delve a little deeper however, and it quickly becomes apparent that this isn’t just a simple case of someone bragging about their sex life.

It was in fact an admission of guilt as she revealed the man responsible for this night of ecstasy was her husband’s twin brother – we’re not sure that’s quite what they mean when they say twins have a ‘special relationship’.

But according to the woman – who, for obvious reasons has remained nameless – the tryst happened well before she met her husband.

Writing a blog post on Whimn, she claims she met the ‘gorgeous’ but shy twin at her mate’s birthday and after a few drinks ended up back at hers where they enjoyed an ‘amazing night together’.

However, the next day they said goodbye and she never spoke to the brother – who apparently had a girlfriend at the time – again.

Until. A year later, she came across what she thought was his profile on Tinder and the two went on a date, but she quickly realised that not everything was as it seemed.

She wrote: “When I asked him about his family, I found out he had a twin brother. Then it all made sense – I’d slept with his brother… that’s how it unfolded – I was on a date with Danny but I’d had a one night stand with his twin brother Tom.”

As you can imagine, there’s no more more sure way to end any possibility of a relationship than to blurt out that you’ve already slept with their sibling, so not knowing how things were going to pan out, the woman says she kept the fling a secret.

Little did she realise then that Danny would become her future husband, even though she had slept with his twin brother.

She wrote: “We were still dating three months later, and had totally fallen for each other. That’s when he said he wanted me to meet his family.”

Eventually the former lovers were reunited and had an awkward chat about how they were going to handle the incredibly bizarre situation. Which was, say nothing. Ever.

She said: “I said, ‘You won’t ever tell him, will you?’ and he said, ‘God no! No way’, Tom was also engaged so I knew he wouldn’t want to risk his fiancé knowing about us and, given that the twins were so close, I knew he didn’t want to risk messing up his relationship with Danny.”

And she has no plans to tell her husband anytime soon.

Adding: “What would happen if my husband knew I’d slept with his twin brother? Maybe it wouldn’t bother him, maybe he’d laugh? Or maybe he’d be mortified.

“I don’t want to risk my marriage so if the truth ever came out, I’d just deny it ever happened.”