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Netflix Series “Russian Doll” Scores 100 Per Cent On Rotten Tomatoes

Netflix Series “Russian Doll” Scores 100 Per Cent On Rotten Tomatoes

Netflix is just the gift that keeps on giving, with long list of series gripping audiences all over the world.

And it looks like another one has joined the ranks alongside the likes of You, Stranger Things, and Sex Education.

Russian Doll has stunned fans and received rave reviews since it hit our screens last week. The bizarre comedy has even been scored 100 per cent by Rotten Tomatoes, which is usually a solid gold stamp of approval.

According to the site: “Russian Doll may be stuck in a time loop, but this endlessly inventive series never repeats itself as it teeters on a seesaw of shifting tones — from fatally funny to mournfully sad — that is balanced with exhilarating moxie by an astonishing Natasha Lyonne.”

The Netflix original is centred on the main character, Nadiya – played by Natasha Lyonne – who dies repeatedly, only to wake up again and again in the same place – the bathroom at her own birthday party.

Ironically it was released on February 1, the day before Groundhog Day. Hmm.

Blown away by the ‘trippy’ series, viewers wasted no time in taking to social media to talk about what they had just seen.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Finished Russian Doll in one sitting and now feel bereft – the rare Netflix series that left me wishing there were more of it, just so I could spend a little more time in the company of the characters.”

Another said: “Just binged watched Russian Doll. The whole season. Really worth the effn wild ride. Super Trippy. Major surprises.”

While a third fan added: “Wow. Russian Doll is the best series I’ve watched in a long time.”

“I loved it. I watched it all and I wish there was more. It’s smart. It’s female empowerment and mental-health aware. It’s everything I wanted,” wrote another.

And unlike some series which can divide audiences and critics, TV hacks have been falling over themselves to praise the hit series.

Sophie Gilbert for The Atlantic, said: “As the series proceeds, it gets more ambitious and more complicated in a way that’s gratifying to watch. It’s still anchored, though, by its sense of place and time, and by the infinite possibilities that a night walking around New York City presents.”

James Poniewozik, from the New York Times, wrote: “For all its memento mori philosophy, the show is a hoot, as adept with physical comedy as with its quips – watching Lyonne navigate a flight of stairs on which she’s met several demises is priceless.

“If you spend a lot of time walking in New York (or anywhere else, probably), “Russian Doll” will leave you conscious of the myriad ways death could be around any corner, or teetering on any windowsill.”