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McDonald’s Announces New McCafé Donut Sticks

McDonald’s Announces New McCafé Donut Sticks

Continuing to add to its morning menu, McDonald’s recently announced the launch of its latest breakfast item, McCafé Donut Sticks.

Offering its take on donuts and coffee, the Donut Sticks are made fresh throughout the morning to be enjoyed with the fast food purveyor’s premium roast McCafé coffee. Fried till crispy and golden brown, the light and airy treat is finished with a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar. McDonald’s experimented with an array of donut shapes looking to create a perfect form that provides the perfect amount of cinnamon sugar with each bite.

Available by the half-dozen or by the dozen, McCafé Donut Sticks will be available for a limited time at McDonald’s locations starting February 20.