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“Game of Thrones” Ice Hotel Is Open in Finland

“Game of Thrones” Ice Hotel Is Open in Finland

Game of Thrones fans now have the opportunity to sleep in a hotel themed around the show, complete with icy rooms based on key characters and moments. Lapland Hotels’ SnowVillage in Finland has collaborated with HBO Nordic — the duo’s second go-round — on a mystical wintry space located 120 miles above the Arctic Circle.

The hotel utilized over 45,000 cubic meters of snow (approximately 1,589,160 cubic feet) and 400,000 kilos (approximately 99,208 pounds) of natural ice in order to complete the design. Large and detailed sculptures based on Game of Thrones are featured throughoutincluding a life-size Iron Throne with swords, the Braavos Hall of Faces, and a White Walker with glowing blue eyes. Hot berry juices and thermal and fleece-lined sleeping bags are provided to help stave off the frigid temperatures, as rooms are kept between -2 degrees (28 degrees Fahrenheit) and -5 degrees (23 degrees Fahrenheit). Due to the chilly conditions, it’s recommended that guests limit the experience to a one-night-stay before moving to one of the venue’s warmer cabin options.

The SnowVillage also encompasses other frosty areas of entertainment at the resort. An ice restaurant, ice bar and dragon ice slide are a few of the frosty festivities offered. Meanwhile, the hallways are lined with sculptures from Russian, Latvian, Polish and Ukrainian artists. There’s even an ice chapel available to help create a fully-rounded adventure.

The SnowVillage Game of Thrones-inspired hotel runs until April 8, weather permitting. Standard double rooms start at €220 EUR (around $270), while snow suites start at €294 EUR (around $360). Along with a round-trip ticket priced at $656 on travel sites like Agoda.com, the total could cost approximately $1000 depending on departure details.