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Capcom “Resident Evil 2” Remake Has Sold 4 Million Copies

Capcom “Resident Evil 2” Remake Has Sold 4 Million Copies

Capcom announced today, via a press release, that their remake of Resident Evil 2 has now sold an incredible four million copies – with three million of that in its first week of release alone, back in late January.

These tidy numbers have pushed the franchise’s total sales across all entries to 90 million. This feels especially significant, given the struggle horror games usually have to hit high sales. The Resident Evil formula seems to strike just the right chord with people, in spite of the thrills and chills that it delivers alongside action and drama.

Given the remake’s near impeccable critical reception, it’s good to see it doing so well – and it’s fast gaining on the original 1998 version’s total sales of 4.96 million copies, which makes it the 16th highest selling game on the original PlayStation.

After a stretch of lesser titles, like 2012’s over-stuffed Resident Evil 6, the franchise seems to be back on incredible form following Resident Evil 7‘s soft reboot in 2017, and now this stellar remake.

In further Resi news, three titles – Resident Evil 4Resident Evil 0, and the remake of the original game – have been dated for Nintendo Switch. All three release via the Nintendo eShop on 21 May, with pre-orders open from 28 February.

Capcom as a whole have been knocking it out the park, with Monster Hunter: World becoming the company’s best selling title ever. Plus, Devil May Cry 5 is on the horizon, which we’ll have plenty more to share about soon. (Meantime, check out five things we learned about the latest DMC from our hefty hands-on preview.)

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