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Listen Up: Anushka Jag – “Rebirth”

Listen Up: Anushka Jag – “Rebirth”

Los Angeles-by-way-of-Mumbai singer/actress/Humanitarian Anushka Jag best known for her sensation vocals, immeasurable potential, and passionate content. Ready to make an impact on U.S. soil, the fast-rising star unveils her debut effort in the catchy new song, properly-titled, “Rebirth”.

“Rebirth” is a song very much rooted in Anushka’s own spiritual beliefs. Hinduism prescribes the soul is
eternal and it takes on different physical forms in different lives until one attains Nirvana. Rather than referencing actual death and being reborn, we hear a tale of hitting rock bottom in the face of betrayal and then rebuilding life and emerging stronger.

The soulful debut was crafted by producer Duddy Brown and co-written by Danni Poppitt. “Rebirth” is a radio-friendly debut that carries a bouncy mid-tempo sound, energetic vibe, and so much more for newfound fans. The Indian songbird is igniting a heat wave with her signature sound that the U.S. is ready to accept with open arms.

Anushka Jag has begun campaigning the new release on as she is currently on a high-profile radio run overseas, hitting all major markets. “Rebirth” is available now via Taboo Records.