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Meet Kush Papi: Comedy’s Next Big Funny

Meet Kush Papi: Comedy’s Next Big Funny

Social media has essentially taken over every stage of our life. Instagram and Twitter are used literally every second of the day by millions of people. If you frequent either one of these sites, there is a pretty good chance that you have come across the page of Joseph Pontarelli aka Kush Papi. Although social media has seen many acts rise and fall, Kush Papi is here to stay.

Kush Papi was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois by his Italian parents. He and his siblings had a love for creating skits for their friends and family to try and make them happy. It wasn’t until recently he decided to bring his passion for creating art and making people laugh to social media and it wasn’t long after he became popular all over the world, quickly gaining over a million followers! He began to do collaborations with other popular social figures such as; The Rock, Supreme Patty, The Real Tarzan, and Johnathan Cheban [FoodGod].

Kush Papi continues to deliver original and entertaining content each week, leaving his international fans worldwide. He affinity for juice even translated to a Welch’s Juice Company partnership that helped spread his message to millions more around the world. Kush Papi looks forward to partnering with many more companies in the future as well as doing collaborations with other influencers around the world.

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