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Luca Brassy Presents “Retroactive” EP

Luca Brassy Presents “Retroactive” EP

The American Dream Luca Brassy announces the release of “Retroactive” the EP hosted by DJ JGreen. 

The 12-track EP features an array of diverse musical talents including J Seven, Raphael Bell, Viper, Truth InRhyme, Dreimz, T-Girl Madrops, Serge Requena, Accent Grave, and Don Figga. 

Brassy, aka McSprinkle, delivers lyrical telling tales over a kaleidoscope of multi-genre blends and mixes of house, techno, and trap. Heavy bass and thumping pulsations are sure to have listeners fist pumping and bottle popping in clubs worldwide. 

“Retroactive” is sponsored by www.starttodate.com, JGreen Money Talkz, and Coast 2 Coast Mixtape DJ’s. 

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