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ViiC FlaiR Talks DaBaby, 2020 & His North Carolina Sound

ViiC FlaiR Talks DaBaby, 2020 & His North Carolina Sound

With his current hit, “Heartless,” featuring DaBaby going viral. North Carolina upriser Viic FlaiR is preparing a huge 2020 with a highly-anticipated upcoming album and surprise collaborations with more big name acts coming out of his stomping grounds. However, before that kick-off, ViiC speaks on his past, present and future in music with Kaboom!. Read the complete interview below.

Any more major features up in the vault?

We are always working, I just did a feature with a big International artist, he is like the Drake in his country, he called us wanted to do a remix on one of my songs and while he was in the country we did something new also.

Where are you from and what effect did it have on the person you are today?

Clinton, NC, I come from the struggle and every city has struggle, not just Clinton.  I think the difference in Clinton or any really small town is there is nothing to do and no other opportunities so it is easier to get lost and get in trouble.

If you had to choose 3 words to describe yourself and music, what would they be?

Struggle, Vibes,  Real

How would you describe your sound?

I don’t know that I have one sound, you are going to hear different things in my music, just depends on what I am feeling #Vibes.