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ROCKET Drops Electrifying “Giants” Single

ROCKET Drops Electrifying “Giants” Single

LA-based Pop Funk collective, ROCKET release their new electrifying record titled “Giants.” The single is produced by Grammy-nominated Mark Needham (Pink) and engineered by Day Green (Stone Temple Pilots).

“The song is about the feeling you get when you accomplish something as a team or with a community. Sure, you’re a bad arse on your own, but sometimes it can be more empowering to recognize that you’re even mightier as a collective.”

Group members Janelle Barreto (lead vocals), Eric Wibbelsmann and Steve Kilcullen (Guitar), Jordan Lawson (Bass), and Paul DePatie (Drums) are famed for creating music for those who have been labeled weird, strange, or just don’t seem to fit in.  “Giants” is an intoxicating record brewing with empowerment set to diminish those labels, as a team.

“Best band to catch” -Los Angeles CBS

Through boisterous vocals, Janelle declares this is ROCKET’s time to shine. Standing tall as giants their reign is unstoppable casting out doubters along the way. The riveting sounds from guitars and drums are the heart of “Giants”, while the elevated bass magnifies their mighty message. Stream “Giants” and connect with the band below.

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