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SLiM D Get Emotional In “Never Gon Stop”

SLiM D Get Emotional In “Never Gon Stop”

He ended the year dropping a hot new Single “Never Gon Stop” this song is nothing less than vintage SLiM. The slightly melodic yet very catchy hook is something you can’t help but want to sing along. Still, it is genuinely his lyrics that stand out & keep your attention as SLiM takes us down memory lane & into his world while delivering witty verses equipped with the smooth flow, over a vibrant yet rhythmic beat.

Stemming from Maryland, SLiM has a unique cadence which allows him to dives into other forms of flows and feeling to curate a universal sound. His style is influenced by legends Biggie, Big L, and Jazy Z, which show in his choice of music to put out. Heart felt and sonically pleasing lead SLiM into a good place for 2020. 

In a day and age where the skills of blending wordplay and unorthodox flow are gradually losing its importance, SLiM D finds a way to mix his craft with the art of soulful melodies that would satisfy any true music lover’s ears. Along with his story telling abilities, his electric videos & infectious stage presence SLiM D is definitely on his way to making his mark & opening a whole new lane with in the music industry as well as hip hop in general.

Currently, SLiM releases a visual for Never Gon Stop, which gives an almost back to the future feel and is sure to be as stammeringly electric as his previous work. Looking forward to seeing what else he has in store for us this year.