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Sha Davis Sets Off “A Vibe”

Sha Davis Sets Off “A Vibe”

Vocalist/producer Sha Davis is shaking up the R&B scene with “A Vibe”, which is the lead single of her forthcoming EP ‘Songs I Wrote When You Left’.The Ep is scheduled to release everywhere on March 13th.

The Houston based sensation is widely recognized as a fierce songstress canvassing her own lane and pushing R&B to new heights, as displayed in “A Vibe.”  

What’s R&B without emotions racing through our core and aroused senses? What’s R&B without mood-changing vibes, sensual pulsations, and bodies grooving in sync? Without effort, Sha Davis delivers all of that and more!

“A Vibe” blends a soulful arrangement of R&B and slight Reggae tones that coerce our bodies to loosen and minds open to melodic seduction. Listeners, prepare to grab hold of your lover, enjoy rooftop vibes with friends, blaze up, and allow Sha’s rhythm and flow to re-rejuvenate a sense of effervescence.

Infectious cadences along with hypnotic harmonies remind us to kick back, vibe out and breathe easy…Stream “A Vibe” and connect with Sha Davis below.

@ShaDavisMusic on Twitter

@ShaDavis on Instagram