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Chucky Chee$e “Jawsome” – Single

Chucky Chee$e “Jawsome” – Single

Indie artist Chucky Chee$e out of Delaware drops the single “Jawsome”.

“This song has a Jaws theme, starting with the beat that instantly gives off that all to familiar eerie vibe. The Artwork was created by me and also Jaws inspired, look closely and you’ll even see the seagulls that you’ll hear at the end of the track, making for a very visual experience. You can also “catch” numerous bars dedicated to the Jawsome theme, deep waters, sleeping with the fishes, Great White, fingers for bait, etc.

All witty wordplay to complete the entire concept. This track is more aggressive, taunting other rappers and showcasing lyrical ability. Tons of hidden messages, metaphors, double and triple entendres, several movie references (including Jaws, How Stella got her groove back, Scarface, Great Gatsby, Wizard of Oz, and even Pixar’s UP, to name a few, This is one that you will hear more and more every time you listen.”

Chucky Chee$e’s upcoming album is produced by 8x Grammy winner and Hip Hop staple Scott Storch and will be released soon.

Check out “Jawsome” below.



Connect with Chucky Chee$e https://www.instagram.com/Chuckycheeseofficial/