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Soloin Has YouTube Going Crazy

Soloin Has YouTube Going Crazy

Meet Nigerian creative, 19 year old college student Mubarak Oyegunle. by the day, he is your typical Gen Zer who loves to live life, and talk about anime with his Friends. His quirky, non nonchalant attitude has always made him popular among people. Being out going, the questions should prompt, “Do you do media?”

Well he does, his media moniker and YouTube name goes by Soloin. With over 300k subscribers and a heavy amount of viral content, Soloin modesty in having a audience makes his artistry similar to Batman. By the day, he is your regular person, at night he is a amazing creative.

His clothing and media company is called “ABRANT.” It is a Maryland-Based Creative Media Label which encompasses a wide variety of content. based on principle so honor, nobility, and humility, Soloin works to deliver quality content hat doesn’t jeopardize his morals.

Derived from the term “aberrant”, ABRANT aims to create art with the intent to diverge from an accepted social norm, yet, maintaining aesthetically pleasing designs and creative work.

The mission for ABRANT is to encourage the process of “Being Your Best Self”. No matter your background, social, or economic standing, always strive to be a better person, daily. At the end of the day, if you’re not enjoying your life, who will?

With a ethic code like that, it’s hard not to stan Soloin’s infectious personality and content.