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Listen: Jeff Kush – ‘High Grade’

Listen: Jeff Kush – ‘High Grade’

Emerging rapper Jeff Kush just releases his new project, High Grade. The project runs just under 35 minutes and includes his hit single “Money Talks.” With his latest release in the rearview, Kush shows no signs of letting up as he continues to tease music for the forthcoming months.

In our recent interview, we talked about Jeff’s childhood, forthcoming releases, digital marketing, and much more. Check out High Grade and the conversation below.

Talk to me about your adolescent years, how was it growing up for you?

Growing up was crazy for me at 11 years old I got arrested for a few felonies. I finally got off probation after a wild few years around 14. I was that crazy kid with the odds against him. My mom passed away when i was 17 so as I was trying to change my life things got more difficult. I struggled my entire childhood, teenage years finding my own ways to survive. I am happy to have made it through all the things i faced growing up

As a child, who were some of your musical influences?

Big L, Biggie, 2Pac, Outkast, and Jadakiss.

How did you gravitate towards music?

The closest people to me growing up were into music. My right-hand man took me to the studio when I was 13. He is honestly the reason I have achieved anything in life. I was blessed to have someone invest time teaching me how to hustle, write bars properly, record myself, and chase dreams.

What’s a unique fact that many people don’t know about Jeff Kush?

Many people don’t know i went by a different rap name and dropped like 6 mixtape’s back when datpiff was really popular.

When it comes to legacy, what are some of your short-term and long-term goals?

I wanna inspire people with my music most importantly but also that anything is possible if you work for it. I wanna see more people start they own companies and record labels to achieve their dreams. I have a big goal of having a few platinum plaques in my home studio as well.

Not only do you create music, but digital marketing as well, how did that come about?

in 2017 I started Kush Network to help artist grow their fan base organically. I wanted artist to have a way to find organic promotion with reliable sources. I got scammed so many times I felt like someone had to help all these artist’s have a way to be heard. After investing all my time in money back then we now have the best service you can find today for digital marketing.

What can fans alike expect to see from you this forthcoming year?

I got a collaboration with Duke Deuce dropping soon that I am very excited about. I am sitting on a ton of singles and finishing up a HipHop project called “Mature” set to drop towards the end of the year or 2021.