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Purple Cloud And Gossett Brown Join Forces

Purple Cloud And Gossett Brown Join Forces

Born in the streets of south St. Petersburg, FL, Jamarcus better known as “Nutz” grew up sketching clothing designs. Making it through his troubled childhood and a past full of mistakes, the face-tatted designer would go on to start his clothing line, “Purple Cloud”. Years before starting this company, he met Gossett Brown who was a new employee at a sales job he was working in at the time. The two clicked instantly and worked side by side for a just a few months. 5 years later Gossett Brown is a Graphic Designer/Illustrator and Purple Cloud is gaining support from the streets of St Pete all the way to Miami.

After Nutz reached out to Gossett for some illustrations, the two creatives decided it was time to officially join forces. Their design series for the winter will be here in November and Gossett also has a comic book called “Plug I Trust” coming in 2021. Supporting black-owned business is something that people can do consistently, even when people are not protesting anymore. You can start by taking a look at Gossett’s work below and ordering some Purple Cloud gear here.