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Funny Sh*t: T-DOT GOON SCRAP DVD 2 Feat. Drake

Never let it be said that Drake forgot his roots. The Canadian actor/rapper/singer returned to acting in the most hilarious/ridiculous/Drake-ish way: In a cameo in a YouTube comedy sketch...

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Funny Sh*t: T-Spoon “Dog Mom Anthem”

Comedians Katie Haller and Zoe aka T-Spoon create an anthem for all the women who love taking care of their pups like LADY BOSSES.

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Funny Sh*t: Jorge Ravid Munoz “Meet My Dad” Feat. Priscilla Ste...

There’s three things that every man fears in life death, taxes, and their girlfriend’s father. Social media star Jorge Ravid Munoz ensures one of those fears when he plays...

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College Student Shotguns Beer On Stage Right After Getting His Diploma

Loyola Marymount University student Christopher Nathan Barrett decided to take celebrating graduation to the next level by shotgunning a beer on stage, right in front of the cameras. Immediately after...

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Explosive Trailer: Tracy Morgan “Staying Alive”

Following his horrific car accident in the summer of 2014, Tracy Morgan made a welcome return to comedy in 2015, surprising attendees and viewers with an appearance at the...

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Funny Sh*t: Melanie Iglesias “30 & Single” (Episode 1)

Episode 1: Does Melanie have bad luck with guys or just plain old bad taste? Hmm. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

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Funny Sh*t: Melanie Iglesias “Die-Agra”

MTV “GirlCode” star Melanie Iglesias stars in a new comedy sketch where she focuses on the men under 40 who don’t need viagra entitled “Die-Agra”

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Funny Sh*t: Melanie Iglesias “A Tail About Love”

Melanie falls head over heels every time she meets a cutie. Cast stars Austin Hall, Dante Chang, and Melanie Iglesias.

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Kobe Bryant Performs Slam Poem About Steve Urkel

It appears as if NBA legend Kobe Bryant has been thinking about Steve Urkel’s transition into a cooler, hipper, better looking, and more stylish version of himself for quite...

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Bartenders Try To Guess If People Are Underage By Looking At Them

Can you guess if someone is over the age of 21 just by looking at them? Watch these bartenders try to guess who can legally drink in the US.

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