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Krispy Kreme Debuts Homer Simpson’s Iconic Pink Glazed “D’ohnut”

At some point, someone, somewhere was bound to recreate Homer Simpson’s iconic pink glazed, sprinkle-adorned donut. As it stands, Krispy Kreme recently stepped up to the plate to offer...

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Pepsi Introduces Special J-Cola for Japan

Japan is home to many novelty drinks and soda variants, and Pepsi J-Cola has been made specifically for its “heavy” cola drinkers. After asking over 100 Japanese cola lovers...

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Red Lobster Launches New Lobster And Waffles Meal

Everyone knows that fried chicken and waffles are a beautiful combination that might not sound like it should work, but it definitely, definitely works. Despite contrasting flavors, chicken and...

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Taco Bell Is Introducing Hot Sauce-Flavored Tortilla Chips

Taco Bell is producing a few new bags of tortilla chips with the same iconic hot sauce flavor and packaging the fast-food chain is known for. Two out of...

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McDonald’s Introduces First-Ever Wagyu Beef Burger

Forget about the McRib. McDonald‘s just rolled out limited quantities of a 100 percent Wagyu beef burger at Australian locations. In Japan, Wagyu refers to a mix of any...

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Captain Morgan Launches “Watermelon Smash”

We’ve already had a glimpse of the horizon that is Alcoholic Drinks We’ll All Be Consuming In Summer 2018 — and so far, it seems as if the recent...

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Colossal 8-Pound Meat Sandwich Sells For $375 At A Steakhouse In NYC

New York’s steakhouses have been engaged in a centuries-old game of one-upmanship. The city is home to some of the best steakhouses found anywhere in the world and it...

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MLB Foodfest 2018 Will Offer the Best Ballpark Grub From All 30 Teams

MLB rivalries may be as fierce as ever, but all fans can agree that food just tastes better at the ballpark — if you can justify the prices. The...

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Costco Is Selling A $6,000 Doomsday Survival Food Kit

Without turning this into a political conversation, let’s just say that we’re living in some highly volatile times. I think everyone on all sides of the political spectrum will...

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Coca-Cola to Launch Its First Alcoholic Beverage

Coca-Cola is officially launching its first alcoholic drink, exclusive to Japan. “This is unique in our history,” president of Coca-Cola’s Japan business unit Jorge Garduño said on the company...

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