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Dr. Sebi student, Dr. EnQi, Coronavirus Testimonial

Dr. EnQi, the student of Dr. Sebi, shares his Coronavirus Testimonial. Watch the video and connect with Dr. EnQi on Instagram @drenqi. 

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Jay Electronica vs Dr. EnQi vs Jay-Z, by Raamel Walcott

Jay Electronica vs Dr. EnQi vs Jay-Z, as stated/reviewed by Raamel Walcott Let’s dive right in head-first, this will be a song for song comparison of A Written Testimony...

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Open the Floodgates of Hip-Hop

Being born into a black household kind of gives you an automatic connection to hip-hop; like it’s just a part of our culture. About a year and a half...

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Kobe Bryant’s Legacy as a ‘Girl Dad’ and Why a World is Grieving

With the unfortunate passing of celebrity figures, it always seems to have effects on the public. The devastating loss of a well-known figure in society, along with his child,...

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Was Dr. EnQi Extorting Brother Polight? Watch Doggie Diamonds TV

Dr. EnQi states emphatically that he never extorted Brother Polight, rather Brother Polight attempted to finesse and scam Dr. EnQi out of an investment at which point Dr. EnQi...

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Neil Nayyar, 107 Music Instruments & Counting

For most people playing a musical instrument can be a challenge. Especially in this era where you do not need to know how to play a musical instrument to...

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Dr. Enqi, The Man Who Discovered The Soul

Bronx native, Dr. Enqi is famed for his expertise pertaining to the soul and overall wellness. His many hats consist of Ordained Minister, Master Herbalist, Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist,...

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The Real Simba Gears Up For “Crazy” Single

Seasoned, Mt Vernon, NY artist The Real Simba is gearing up for his brand new, highly anticipated “Crazy” single. Those familiar with Simba know the young artist delivers commanding...

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Swerv Gearing Up for “Lil Joe The Documentary”

Newark, New Jersey’s Swerv is gearing up for his forthcoming album “Lil Joe The Documentary.” The album will highlight his career and some inside light on his life. The...

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Coopuh! The Savage Unexpectedly Electrified Brooklyn

Coopuh! The Savage, who noticeably expanded his musical range in 2019 focusing on Rock and Hip Hop, recently electrified a packed venue in Brooklyn. Walking in with Rockstar attire...

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