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Headphones Review: Best of 2021

Headphones can be as different as music genres. This being said, many people tend to overlook the quality or shape of the headphones they buy, because the majority is...

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Lil Hypno (Formerly Mad Max) Crushing The Industry

Lil Hypno formerly known as Mad Max is an American music artist. In a very short period of time he’s not only established himself as a national touring recording...

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SPEECH – A Different World (Capitol Insurrection Reaction)

 “This song had to be made to become proactive in shaping our collective future, because the rebellion that happened on January 6, 2021, in Washington D.C. was the curtain...

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The Ryan Show’s Hamptons Holiday Hoedown

National radio host Ryan Verneuille and artist Luciana Pampalone joined forces this holiday season to spread some Christmas cheer to those less fortunate in the Hamptons. On December 18th...

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Dr. Enqi – Video News on Brother Polight & Loaded Lux

Author, Consultant, Nutritionist, Ordained Minister, and Master Herbalist Dr. EnQi returns this week with another viral video. This week he sheds light on how Brother Polight scammed Loaded Lux....

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Erotic-D Introduces Deion Sharra Wine Collection

The Deion Sharra Wine collection is the flagship product in The Deion Sharra Luxury Lifestyle brand that was created by longtime Hip Hop producer, Erotic-D. Giving the brand his...

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Dr. EnQi and Natureboy – Chakras Verzuz Debate

Dr. EnQi invites you into 360 questions to ask a conscious person with activated chakras. Watch this viral verzuz with Natureboy and Dr. EnQi below. https://youtu.be/UjWJezCoWCk

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Lil Josiey Prepares Fans For New Single

NY-based, unsigned artist Lil Josiey is preparing to release his brand new single at the beginning of January 2021. The young artist is coined for his multi-genre talents and...

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Young Pharah Talks Nate Robinson (Video News)

Tune in for one of Young Pharaoh’s best breakdowns. He is joined by Bro Sanchez, Bobby Hemmit, and Bro Panic. Watch the explosive video below on Dr. EnQi’s Youtube...

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D Prime 215 (Vlog) Forever in a Day (EP)

D Prime 215 welcomes fans into an exclusive behind the scenes Vlog of his new EP ‘Forever in a Day’ dropping everywhere on December 4th.  The renowned Philly wordsmith...

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