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Hayley Quinn: 4 Ways to Get Him to Ask for Your Number!

Sometimes waiting is boring! especially when a guy you like is taking forever to get your number. Love and Relationship expert Hayley Quinn is here with some strategies to...

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A scientific study conducted by the prestigious University of Oxford suggests that you should get yourself a Big Booty Judy instead of Becky with the Flat Ass, because it...

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Hayley Quinn: How to Get Out of Conversational Traps

Don’t get caught in the trap of boring questions with women, if you do, here’s how to confidently change the subject.

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Texas Is Officially Cutting Planned Parenthood Out Of The Medicaid Program

In June, the Supreme Court struck down Texas’ abortion-restricting HB2 law, which worked an undue burden upon women (and especially upon minority communities) by shutting down clinics. Now, the...

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Marisa Explains It All: Office Litmas Party [Podcast]

This week, the crew recounts the night of The Morning Show’s holiday party, they also talk about a special Jersey getaway and discuss Marisa’s future in LA.

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Social Media Icon Dan Bilzerian Selling Las Vegas Estate

Dan Bilzerian’s Las Vegas party pad, the site of some of the most infamous and debauched Instagrams of all time, can now be yours. The “rich as fuck” King...

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25 Cities Where Women Had The Most Sex In 2016

Are you looking to relocate to another city? There are many factors you should look into before moving to a new locale such as affordability, employment opportunities, crime rates,...

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Uber Cracking Down on Sex During Rides

Uber really wants their service to help get you a ride…but only in the transportation sense. Their recently posted Community Guidelines iterate a no sex rule—which applies both to drivers...

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#DateFails Feat. Precious Hall & Ariel Kashanchi [Podcast]

Kate is joined by comedians Precious Hall & Ariel Kashanchi for what basically becomes a very dirty episode of The View. We cover shit talking, horrible dates, dating white...

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Porn Stars Offer Advice To Donald Trump On His Presidency

Here’s the great thing about politics in America: Everyone has an opinion! Especially porn stars, who have issues that are important to them: single-payer health care, education, cats. In...

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