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Yankees Fans Caught Having Sex On The Subway After Game

This might be the most least shocking thing seen on a New York subway just this week. Last month, two New York Mets fans were caught in a disgusting...

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#DateFails Feat. Redban [Podcast]

Kate & Brian Redban sit down to talk Canada, Raya, Why guys don’t want girlfriends, & whether Kate should date John from TMobile.

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Exes Play “Truth or Drink”

Exes play a crazy game of truth or drink against one another and yes it as crazy as it sounds.

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Hayley Quinn: ‪Does The Friendzone Have to Exist?‬

In this video I want to explore the concept of the friendzone and question that if guys were upfront about their desires, would they even be in the friendzone...

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#DateFails Feat. Jack Assadourian Jr & Cherelle Patrice

Jack & Cherelle join Kate to talk dating Vegans, Smashing with Food, bad weed, and puking & sex.

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#DateFails Feat. Jim Florentine & Chad Zumock

Kate is joined by comedians Jim Florentine & Chad Zumock to discuss crossfit, kids cursing, losing the v-card, and the worst datefails of all time.

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#DateFails Feat. George Lopez [Podcast]

Comedian & Ex-Con, George Perez & Kate bust out the tequila to talk dating in prison, why convicts are relationship material, dick tattoos, & why Kate will be single...

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Power 106 #JustTheTip Feat. Casey Veggies

Casey Veggies visited Power 106 in Los Angeles talks about focusing on new music, less on relationships and social media on the newest episode of #JustTheTip.

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#DateFails Feat. Redban, Jack Daniels, & Alaska [Podcast]

Kate & Redban sit down at 3am to discuss Alaska, hot Uber drivers, high school hook ups, & karaoke.

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100 People Share the Weirdest Place They’ve Had Sex

WatchCut Video on YouTube is back at it again, but thankfully, this time there’s no awkward parental sex conversations. This time around, they’re asking people the weirdest place they’ve...

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