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New Study Shows Men Watch Porn to Help with Stress

Personally speaking, I’m the type of guy who goes for a long run to clear his mind, listen to some music and calm himself down from all the stress...

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Ask A Porn Star: “Have You Been in A Gangbang?”

Whatever your preference is when it comes to porn, one of the more popular sex scenes that people like to watch are gangbangs, where a woman takes on multiple...

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Jen Deleon: It’s Better to be Single than to Settle for Less

We’ve all been in a relationship where we settled for less than what we deserved. Jen Deleon with viewers some of hers experience in love and why you should...

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Randy couple ‘caught having sex in Domino’s while ordering takeaway in seedy in-store CCTV romp.’ The footage was shared on social media. It shows a woman and a man...

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#DateFails Feat. Jenn Sterger & Sam Tripoli [Podcast]

Kate sits down with Jenn Sterger & Sam Tripoli to discuss Valentine’s Day disasters, Country Gangsters, Weddings, & avoiding men who work in high-traffic pussy areas.

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Study Reveals How Far Men Would Travel for Sex

There’s no question that we all enjoy sex. Hell, why do you think men have it run through their minds a pretty astonishing 34 times per day? Uh, clearly,...

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Hayley Quinn: Meeting Women on Instagram

For those of you who have an instagram account and what to know how you can meet and date women using it.

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Ask A Porn Star: “Do You Ever Really Orgasm in a Porn Scene?”

WoodRocket YouTube, asked 17 different adult film stars if they actually orgasm while filming an X-rated video. Maybe, somewhat, surprisingly, the majority of the women said that they really...

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Couples Describe the First and Last Time They Had Sex

Sex is one of the greatest things on the planet. It helps us stay healthy, allows us to try kinky things that, too, have a positive affect and, of...

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Florida Prostitute Offers Cop A Blowjob In Exchange For 2 Soft Tacos From T...

Buffy Suzanne Bryan was arrested when she offered to suck off a cop if he bought her two soft tacos from Taco Bell. The 47-year-old sex worker valued her...

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