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Apple Is Reportedly Going to Spend $1 Billion on Original TV Content

According to reports, Apple Inc. has set itself a budget of $1 billion USD as it enters the original film and TV content market. The billion dollar budget is...

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Google Pays Apple $3 Billion to Remain Default iOS Search Engine

According to reports, Google is paying Apple $3 billion to stay the default search engine on iPhones and iPads. Google paid Apple $1 billion three years ago for the...

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CNN Will Livestream the Solar Eclipse in 360-Degree 4K

We’re just one week away from the United States’ much-hyped solar eclipse occurrence, and the frenzy surrounding the rare event continues. Joining a long list of companies and media...

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Explosive Trailer: Call Of Duty: WWII

After spending a few years in the modern era (and beyond), Call of Duty decided to take a step back in history and return to its roots with the announcement of Call...

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Snapchat Stock Hits All-Time Low After Plunging 14% In One Day

Snapchat was once a promising tech stock, but it has had major growing pains since going public. On Thursday, the popular social media company revealed it has 173 million...

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Study Says Uber & Lyft Could Lead to Drop in Car Ownership

A new study suggests that Uber and Lyft may lead to drops in personal car ownership. Compiled by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, Texas A&M Transportation Institute,...

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Sega Video Game “Night Trap” Set to Return for 25th Anniversary

When Night Trap was released in 1992 on Sega CD, its live-action gameplay, violence and overall sexiness caused gamers to flock to stores to buy it and parents everywhere...

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Facebook Launches Platform For Shortform Shows

Facebook continues to ramp up its original content with Watch, a platform introduced today for shows — a new type of shortform video on the social media juggernaut. Mark Zuckerberg’s...

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Instagram Adds Split Screen Co-Host Tool to Live Stream Feature

Instagram is looking to take live streaming to the next level with a new feature. Since its introduction, Instagram Live has managed to connect you to an audience of your...

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Times10 Ben Ricciardi Interview w/ Kaboom! Magazine.com

He is a self-made marketing and social media success story. The Harvars, MA native has a style of marketing that is creative genius, and he is one of our...

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